Ten (10) Blender videotutorials!

Hi there!

You can visit my Vimeo video page to view and download 10 videotutorials NEVER seen before on the web. I was going for a Blender DVD but some problems stopped me from completing my work. If you find it hard to view them at my Vimeo video page you can also locate the dowload (AVI) button (bottom right corner) and download them to your hard drive!


Thank you.
Dimitris Christou (gr8!)

gr8! thanks for sharing your knowledge!

I just finished watching your IPO to GE tutorial 1 and I learned a lot. I didn’t realize this was possible but it will come in very handy.

Is it possible to do this and then record the results to IPO? kind of a full circle I guess where you could have an object dropping and then record the physics to IPO.

By the way your tutorials are very clear and precise… thanks again!

thank you gr8!

Wow! I give those videos a five (5) out of five (5)!

But seriously, they were great.

Your demo reel is pretty impressive.

Was it all done in Blender?