Tenerife - Housing estate

(paulina) #1

Hi guys,
My recent project of a housing estate on Tenerife. Commercial project made in Blender 2.79, rendered with Cycles.
C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

P.S. I used some of the http://store.chocofur.com/ models and 3d people form all3dfree


(paulina) #2

Some Interiors views


(paulina) #3

and some more


(Benxyz) #5

Everything is awesome, except the color treatment, i think the contrast and saturation are set a bit too high, or it’s your environment lighting that is too strong maybe ? You maybe could try adding a volumetric shader on your world material to give more realism to your exterior scenes. But that just small things for me, because you have done a great work on the modeling and shading on all the scene !

(lacilaci86) #6

Nice work. I have few questions about this: did you render interior and exterior at the same time or did you composite them? Did you render on gpu or cpu or the blender build that allows using both? What was the ram usage and rendertime?

(paulina) #7

Thanks Benxyz - Thanks for your comment and for advice. I’ve never used a volumetric shader to my world material. Maybe that’s the solution :slight_smile: I will try it in my next project.

Hi, lacilaci86. I didn’t render exterior and interior at the same time. At first I modeled one builnig that was repeatable, and than use instances to divide buildings across the terrain. While doing it I was designing interior, so interior was the next step.
I always try to render using GPU, because it is faster. I use NVidia GTX 980 Ti 6 GB, so most of my scenes fit to my graphic card.
Exterior renders took longer to render becuase of the greenery but as I remember correctly it wasn’t longer than 40 min. Interiors rendered for about 17 minutes each.
The RAM usage was dependent on the number of objects in the scene. In order to not to render a lot of unnecessary elements, I placed the equipment of each room on a different layer and rendered only those that were supposed to be visible in the camera or in the reflections of shiny surfaces. So the RAm usage was up to 4 GB and fited to my GPU RAM.