tennis ball

just another tennis ball. i tend to do a lot of small type stuff. just got a comp again, though its not brand new. its a hand me down, but at least i can do some blender again, woot.
this pic is a cycles 40 pass render.
i played with the particles for awhile to get the look.
thanks for looking cya :smiley:


Woah! That looks really good! :slight_smile: You should add some black writing on the ball saying something like Dunlop, or another brand :smiley:

Looks great. Would you be willing to post your particle settings (or whatever theyโ€™re called; I have yet to dive into that one)?

ok here they are i do have one group of verts for where i want the particles to come out of just all the verts except the ones making the seam. also the ball is the size of a sphere when you add one so not sure if the size matter or not.


Thanks, Jeremiah!