Tent on a beach, or nostalgia

Nostalgia, when I was a child, which was quite some time ago, we (mom, dad and little brother) used to spend summer holidays in a tent that looked like this. Sometimes we stayed at a campsite near the sea, and I remember that it was always sunny.

whats up with that cursor?

maybe you also want to get a post card sized version, that might be a nice gift :slight_smile:

Oh! thank you Maslofski, I didn’t saw that cursor. I think this was the screen capture I first took to see if the picture was looking rigtht. I used that picture later to testing some photo-tricks in Corel Painter, as you se in this picture without the cloudy sky.
Postcard size is a good idea, maybe I’ll send one to my brother.

I prefer the first image, by the sky, the pink cloth and the red chairs. Only you have to quit the cursor. Good work!

Thank you. I also prefer the first picture but it’s partly a photo-manip, I have to fix a new background image to make a new render, then without the cursor of course.