tentacle monster (peep)

I try to model peep, a character from ghastly’s ghastly comic.
The original peep looks like this.
And this is a rendering with cartoon shader from what i have got until now.

currently im playing arround with radiosity but only get crapy results like this.

Maybe someone can give me a hint why the eyes are completly messed? And also some comments about the mouth would be nice, seems like i dont get it looking the right way.

here is the blend file.

i like the model a lot !! very good

sorry, can’t help though


IMO radiosity is not really called for in this situation. AFAIK its a simulation of indirect light bouncing, good for interior lighting, not so appropriate for a single subject, wall-less render. You’d be better off using AO or a GI dome if you want the soft shadow effect that i think you want.

not sure about the eyes. It might be a normals problem but don’t quote me on that. try selecting all verts and hitting CTRL-N. Don’ know if thats the problem though.

nice model and toon render.

thx for your replys.

Well the radiosity test was just for fun. I just was interested how peep would look as a claystatue. Sadly it wasnt a problem with the vertex direction and i wasn’t able to figure the problem with the damn eyes.

Here is a new rendering.
Do you think this scene works as a wallpaper? (that is what i try to make)
The shadows on Peep are crap and i dislike the shadow on the ground too. It is to hard and i want a really smooth one without to much detail. Also the eyebrows cast shadows and the upper tentacle doesnt have cartoon edges(looks like have missed a lot of details =p).

lol it was so easy to achive the shadow i had in mind, buffered shadow did the job. And it was much much faster than the raytraced one =p
high res version of the image

looks now finished to me :wink:

feel free to comment or criticise