Ter2Blend = Head2Ache

I have Blender 2.4 and Ter2BLend 4. I can import the .ter file fine but how can I import the .tgs?

Don’t tell me to get an older version of Blender/Python/Ter2Blend.




Oddly enough that is the tutorial I am working from.

It says there:

Remark: it is necessary to rename your tgs files to ter2blend.tgs.


I’m having problems with the camera script. The main problem is I can’t find a camera script.

You only need it if you’re going to do animation. Since it sounds like you are doing animation, version 4 doesn’t have it. So you’ll have to bum around for someone who does have it (I think it’s version 2) and, if you get it, then use Blender 2.25 and Python 2.0.1.