Terms and Terminology - Book Recommendations?

For me, one of the most challenging aspects of Blender/Wings3d/3d graphics in general, has been the terminology.

The Blender Texture/Material panel alone has caused me much frustration, as I’d like to better understand the theory/reasoning behind the options. What do they do? Why do they do it? What is “Nor”? :slight_smile:

I was hoping to find some book(s) that best covers the following areas:

  • 3d Concepts, Modeling, etc

  • Texturing, Concepts, etc

While at the moment I’m not venturing into the Animation world, I’ve bookmarked the recommendations from another thread on here for future reference.

I appreciate the help.


The Blender Guide.

It’s actually kind of outdated already, but it’s the best help you will find in a book. :smiley:

all about texturing:


its not software specific and a real good read!!!

You might try ‘Digital Lighting and Rendering’ by Jeremy Birn and ‘Digital Texturing and Painting’ by Owen Demers. They aren’t Blender specific, but both have a great deal of information. But you should get and absorb the Blender 2.3 Guide first.

yeah jeremy birns stuff is good
actually you can read a couple of chapters for free at:


some stuff cant really be aplied with blender, as there is no render in layers/passes yet, bt still can be very helpfull, knowing how to set up good lighting .

In my opinion texturing and the right light set up, is far more complex and dificult than modeling and animation. With the wrong light you can mess up a really good scene, and until you get the feel of it there are still couple of thousand testrenders to be done :-?

ah yeah: glossary

and another 2D/3D/Video-Terms Glossary at