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After reading some of the post here about this script. I have come to determine that its primary use is to make 2D graphics of a terragen terrain that you can ADD blender objects to.

I on the other hand thought you could import you terragen terrain into a blender mesh to use a terrain IN blender. In other words use the terragen generated terrain in the game engine or as a prop for and animation i.e let you blender generated play fly around the hills and valleys you made in terragen.

Is anyone useing this script in this manner? If so let me know. I need some help on placing the terragen terrains in blender so that they can be colored and textured for use as backdrop.

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First check this thread about Terblend2, if you haven’t already.


If you have, I’ll elaborate here.

Yes you can import the Terrains from Terragen using Terblend2, usually you just apply a shadow only material to the mesh and this then turns the 2d to 3d.

Once the terrain has been generated by Terblend2, you can Save As and then Append it into other .Blend files as normal. (Don’t forget to name your mesh first.)

I have used this method for a while with good results, but also have reached the same results with a subdivided plane, added a material with a height map Targa/PNG texture exported from Terragen and then used the NOISE function in Edit mode to raise vertices. (This is what Terblend2 does anyway, you just don’t see the process.)

If your using it in a game you might find the Terblend2 interpretation of the Terrain has too many verticies for the Game engine to cope. Just remember to make the terrain mesh an Actor.

Hope this is of some help to you.


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why would I make the mesh and actor?

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This is an animation completely done in Blender. The Terrain was imported via Ter2Blend but no terragen rendering was used


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So nothing falls through it when playing a game.

But you won’t need to if you don’t plan to use the mesh in the game engine.