Terragen 2 Pre-Release on Decmember 15th! Finally!

Terragen 2 will have a free technology preview release on December 15th!

Just spreading the word! The new features are amazing!



We love Terragen, yes we do :smiley:

This looks to be good enough to rival vue:eek:

This could actually become something really good.

Awesome! Thanks for the link.
I hadn’t looked at Terragen in a while but this is the perfect occasion to do so
A nice christmas gift :slight_smile:

A nice gift indeed! :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me you’re SKP in disguise?



Now that, looks pretty cool! I love that heightfield (DEM) terrain picture shown on that link!

Xmas gift? more like birthday present… for me…to poop on!

no really, that’s my birthday. feel free to buy me stuff

I’ll buy you a lollipop :wink:

this is great! Old version is great but this looks a lot better! Can’t wait

I have been waiting for this for sooo long

Can’t wait!!

Nope, not me. But I didn’t know that had been posted, sry.:o

Huh, didn’t know he still posted.

I miss SKP. :frowning: