Terragen--import textures--

(Alltaken) #1

i have seen many posts with the question.


the answer always given is NO!!!

but i have found a way to do it so here goes
((i am writing this tute while trying it for the first time so i haven’t had time to perfect it ))

---->in terragen set your camera and target position to (129,129)–only if on the 257x257setting used for terr2blend.

---->make the resoluton of render 960x960 (if you have the registerd version you can go much higher)

---->now set the camera zoom to maximum

---->turn off all clouds and atmosphere effects

---->position sun verticaly (if you want to use terragen sunposition and shadows in blender then you can keep the sun in your choosen position and your terragen shadow will be fixed to your texture.)

---->press render prevew—you should have a zoomed in shot of the landscape—

---->change the height the camera is above the ground untill the landscape only just fits long side of the render preview screen (i find the best value is --4200 with a tiny cropping)

---->use ter2blend and put in the landscape mesh

---->this texture image can them be saved as a bmp and converted to a tga.

---->apply this texture to the landscape you have in blender and it should come out like the ones in my gallery

things for me to work on.

i will try to animate a cam path so that i can get a really high resolution satelite sweep of the ground in terragen

also spliting up the terragen terran mapping so as to get more verts in blender.

making my water transparent and shinny–but this shouldn’t be hard to do

(((((((((((((NOTE THIS INFORMATION)))))))))))))

for the texture to apply itself properly the water mesh must be jioned to the landscape because the ter2blend script crops two rows of verts from the landscape which means it nolonger lines up with the texture.

here are the pics



BLENDER IMAGE(ps i used the sky background as backbuf img and changed a bit of lighting and textured with bump map)

i know that it is possible to get a better image than that but i didn’t spend long on it.

hope you enjoy and please tell me if that was usefull :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Eric) #2

you have to use a texture alot more highres than the one you’re using to get a result worth comparing with the orginal. But I think it’s quite much that, everything else seems fine…you can add the mood from the sun later on in photoshop.

(Pjotr) #3

well i don’t know for terragen but in games people often use a “detail” texture
It’s a 256256 or 512512 texture with they tile over there landscape
(sometimes even 100*100 tiles) if you use you terragen texture and put a detail texture over it will look much better i think

(Alltaken) #4

yeah because the free version of terragen can only do up to a 960x960 square the textures are not that real when put over such a large area.

my plan is to create a cam path in terragen to take multiple shots of the landscape from above and then stich perhaps a 6x6 grid of these together.

it was mainly the principle of doing it that i was talking about.

but thanks i will think of overlaying textures on top.
and i will alos do somthing with the water cause it looks crap right now