Terragen (old version)

hey guys i need an older version of the ter2blend script. v3 has problems i think… nothing lines up.

i’ve got this kicking image
and want to build onto it. and yes i copied everything correctly… i remember just the other night someone having the same problem!

thanks for all your help

Every time things don’t line up for me using the ter2blend script it has been me forgetting to change the camera from 35mm to 22.7mm. This has always fixed my problem.

If you can’t get it right then maybe you should mail me the blend file +
your image file + your terragen settings.
Then I’ll give it a try.

Guy (author of ter2blend)

[email protected]

nope like i said the settings are correct - set the camera and everything. i’m not new to this process but this image will not line up and i never had this problem with the older script. just downloaded the new script yesterday and BAM nothing lines up.

I have the same problem, compounded. The terrain script misaligns the camera and terrain and the camera script seems to mightily overdo the banking (e.g., a 5-10 degree bank turns into a full corkscrew).

Here’s the blend file (sorry- backbufs won’t work)
The related TG script (About the script - I didn’t even render the first commented frame, so that shouldn’t offset the camera alignment - I don’t think)
And what the animation looks like straight from TG (low-quality DivX Avi).

Thanks for the great script, anyway, Guy! :wink:


It’s a bug! I found the cause of this error and indeed it is a damned bug!
Now I have to find a solution for this bug. I hope I can figure it out this weekend. Two years and nobody saw this bug! I can’t believe it. I buy another pair of glasses :o


i knew it had to be something! i couldn’t have been going crazy haha. hope to see this great script back in action soon!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Hehe I found the solution.
Needs a bit of complex math with a lot of cos and sin but hey it is working:
Expect an update this weekend!!!

I’m a happy man again, the Shame… :wink: