Terrain disappearing in an animation

Hi Guys,

I have created a 3D world for my fishing game, with a lake in the middle (picture attached ;)).

I have then followed the tutorial - (http://www.pekaro.de/blender/water/water_tutorial.html) to create animated water for the game and this was fine.

I then playback the animation and my terrain disappears after about a second of the animation leaving only the trees and the water :confused:.

Can anybody please help me. For what it’s worth, the terrain is in the first layer and the trees and water are in the 2nd layer, so my guess is it’s something to do with this, but I cannot work out what?


Under F10 for render settings you should make sure that under “render layers” which is the tab next to “output” that both layers are checked for rendering…

Super nice water and reflections by the way.

Hi mate,

Cheers for your reply. Iv’e checked this tab and all the layers with models in are pressed :confused:.

Any other idea’s of what might be the problem.

It’s slightly cheesing me of too that when I press render animation, it,s just a still image?! It looks asif its loading every few seconds as the screen flickers slightly, but the water doesn’t move around.

Blender = Tricky :eek: