Terrain & Environmental Assets Pack + Video Tutorial series

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Hey Guys,

I’ve been working on this project for a Long Long time. It’s nearly ready for release, Just going through all the content to make sure everything is as should be.

Terrain Environments are one of those things over looked, No-one provides high quality Terrain and Environment content because to be honest it’s Bloody hard to get right. Im going to solve that, The Mega pack will contain upwards of 60 Terrains all with matching AO,Flow,Deposition,Wear,Normal,16 bit Height,Rock/Grass mask (and most come with a lot more than that, but that’s the minimum)

All with a auto terrain texture material for Blender that reacts to any change in height information automaticly and setting rock faces based on a user defined face angle. This is a great faststarting point to customize your terrain to look exactly like YOU want it to. Or you can just drop it in the scene on one of the terrains and used for example for backgrounds for arch viz renders etc.

Also as part of the pack there will be photo scanned rocks, Cliffs, Road’s, Road assets like speed bumps/Drains etc, Path’s, Signs, Tree stumps, Debris, Telephone poles, and general related objects.

This also means we can use the extra maps provided to lay down particle system for rocks, debris, trees, cliff faces etc without having to hand paint vertex groups, Video tutorial series will cover this in high detail.

Terrain packs include:

Islands (both sea and inland)
Ancient grassy rock (older eroded rock/mountain formations like in the UK)
Flowing Billowy fields
Modern hard edge mountain formation (like the Rockies in the U.S)
Bad land desert’s

Also as separate high res maps:

Volcano’s (these are very helpful for sculpting your own terrains from scratch using the map packs), 10 come with this pack

Mountain ranges (again designed high res to be sculpted into your own custom terrains) with video tutorial series showing how to do this then bake out your own 16 bit height map, Normal etc and Erosion based maps like flows, deposition right from in blender. This is very important for exporting your terrain sculpts to other application’s like Unity or Unreal 4.

Here’s a quick screen grab of just playing around with a couple terrains in Blender so you get the idea before I finish the main Expo video’s.

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Just thought I would post some low res images of a small handful of the photo scanned models & Textures to come with the packs, as i start collating all the assets ill post some more images from other assets.



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These landscapes are made by World Machine?

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Correct my friend.

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What’s price for that great set of models ?

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@hris, The Whole group of packs (The Mega pack that has all terrains, All photo scanned models, All PBR Rock, Roads, Cliffs, etc etc and the Video tutorial series, Pre built Landscapes with shaders in UE4) will probably be $299 after speaking with industry devs.

Each pack will also be sold separately but will cost more compared to buying the mega pack, This gives value to mega pack owners. Also the mega pack will have assets added every month over time that will be free to mega pack buyers.

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Brecht added a new fix for displacement in master that I compiled and tested a new build. Tangent normal maps are now supported (still a few little caveats but so much better than before). Just did a quick test render (just to make clear these renders are not meant to be final shot quality, there just to show the Terrains them selfs, Once you add fog, Volume lighting, Camera effects like D.O.F and some post pro with filmic curves set to your liking of course things would look a lot better. But that would slow me down right now, so not needed.

Sunset HDRI only light, thats it. Terrain and HDRI, Render.

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It’s very interesting - how many different models will be available in pack? How many trunks, rocks, i see roads too, or other scanned models?

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Just a quick view port grab of one of the Volcano’s (out the 10 that come with the packs), These are really helpful when using the packs I provide as base maps when sculpting out your own terrains. Ill post some shots of how to generate erosion maps and vertex groups from these terrains directly in Blender. The Vertex groups created are brilliant for laying down particle objects like tree’s and rocks etc.

(3DLuver) #11

Some screen grabs of the different Erosion layers / Vertex groups generated on the Terrain imported from one of the map packs, The Erosion passes were generated direcly within Blender.

You can use these directly to layer down particle systems like tree’s, rocks, Debris,plants, grass etc or I show you in the video tutorials how to then convert these to images that can be saved and exported to use for texturing or export to external tools like UE4 for example and used with the terrain layer tools.

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Quick example of one of the Island Map pack examples:

(3DLuver) #13

Quick Look at at one of the rock PBR materials, Mixed with the procedural cliff face shader. By mixing our PBR materials with procedural y generated high detail you get all kinds of variations needed.

These are great for either texturing the rock faces of the terrains or using to model and sculpt rock/cliff geometry mixed with the procedural rock/cliff generator you can achieve very nice looking cliffs etc that cant be seen to tile like the original PBR material texture’s

(3DLuver) #14

Just uploading the first Terrain Packs now, First available will be The Grassy Terrains, Volcano’s, Islands and the PBR texture pack. The photo scanned models will be available within the next week with the finished video tutorials. Im also going to give a 30% discount to the first 10 buyers.

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So, near now to release of the beast.

Here’s a quick video flicking through some viewport renders of each terrain pack. Please be clear these are NOT final renders and textures or shaders are just place holders, there just to show the shapes of the Height/Displace.

There’s another 4-5 to be inculded in this pack but just didnt have time to get them in the video.

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Desert style formations, Another 4-5 not included in the video.

(3DLuver) #17

Volcano Terrain Pack V1

(3DLuver) #18

Hey Guys, Im just getting final the textures and photoscanned models ready for release.

Im going to do a BETA release for a few people (10-20) to show how users would use the Terrains and assets for their artworks.

For people who join the Beta ill be selling the whole pack, so all Terrains, Textures, Models for around $75 for the lot. But will want to see example works created with the assets to get feed back about what people like or would want changes / things added.

Im going to upload some more image of other content over the next few days. If interested send me a PM.

Cheers J