Terrain generators?

So, I’ve done a few terrain modeling tutorials and outside of a few interesting ones ( Like this tiny piece of a river I’m going to try to get to work ) I find it quite dull!

I’ve been looking for freeware / OSS that does it, and so far have come across a few things, an LD3T and a terragen. I downloaded the first as its restrictions were more lax, but it’s still commercial software and way out of my student budget price range.

What all do you guys use?

I think you`ll find most freeware ppl use terragen, and those who dont use vue. but there are others, the best way to find them is to google terrain gen list. cos lots of websites compare them. Ive tried quite a few and have yet to find something as good as terragen or vue, tho vue would be asking a lot.

I just use the ANT script.

Ant script = http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:Py/Scripts/Manual/Wizards/ANTLandscape ?

Man, all this software is so expensive, lol. I hope my tutorial gets into advanced texturing soon so I can make my own. ( I’m weird, I refuse to use the tools until I’ve done it once without them )

ANT script is already in the blender scripts. no need to install it. script window/wizards/ant