Terrain Lod Tools

I created an addon capable of automating the process of creating chunks and optimizing with lods.

I was in need of something like this, because I’m creating a lot of terrains and I need to optimize them, as I didn’t find what I wanted, I used this morning to create.


it is very easy to use the tool!
1.put the amount of chunks you want to be cut.
2.then press it on Make Chunks
3.press Adjust Chunks to adjust the center of the chunk(this is important to avoid problems).
4.select how many lods you want to generate (I recommend 1 or 2).
4.5.Lod Offset is to distance one lod from another (organization)
4.8.Lod decimate is the multiplication factor, he will use the decimate modifier and decrease the amount of polygons in his land every lod. (I recommend using below 0.7).
5.after adjustments, click on “Create Lod Chunks”.

Chunks Lod Factor: it is to configure the lods exchange distance.
With the selected chunks, you can play with this option after pressing “Set Lod Factor”.
Test your game and see if the exchange distance is favorable for you.

please visit my discord and see my game in development: https://discord.com/invite/NcfWjCD

Bye! :wave: :heart:

TerrainLodTools.py (7.9 KB)


Well this will be really useful for my needs. Thank you for making it. :slight_smile:

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Will there be a 0.3 version available? I also suggest adding a z-axis cutting, so that a large object can also be divided into multiple parts of lod

unfortunately no. in 0.3 it doesn’t have the same lod system as in 0.2