Terrain mesh when textured shows up very pixelized (not crisp image)

Hi I have created a terrain using a plane for import as dae into a virtual world similar to Second life. The issue I am having is that the textures seem extremely blurry due to large pixels showing. I have attached my blender file, one of the original textures (gravel) and a view from the virtual world. Even before importing however you can see how messy the textures look (large pixels). I have tried to scale the texture, I have moded it in gimp to try to make it full resolution, I have tried for hours to find what could I could do to improve it to no avail. Could someone help me find a solution. It must be possible because I see other terrain maps in this virtual world with much “crispier” looking terrain. I am fairly new to blender so perhaps overlooking something obvious. many thanks in advance.

ps I thought I submitted this yesterday but do not see it showing up so apologies if this comes up twice.


footpath upper textured pixelated.blend (1.1 MB)

Moved from “Blender Artists Website Support” to “Materials and Textures” (although I suspect the issue here might be with the external game engine you’re using)

My aplogies, I thought I had done it in the Materials section. thanks for answering but I dont think its the game engine as you can see in the blender file that its pixelated if you zoom in slightly.

The position of the textures in your game engine is controlled by the UV Map. The UV map in the file assigns your entire ground plane into the one texture, so it appears stretched. Since the texture appears to be tileable I assume your intention is to map each quad face in your ground plane to the entire texture. You can achieve this by resetting the unwrap. ( In 3d viewport hotkey U -> Reset.

UV Editor Documentation:

or in French if you prefer:

You also have double geometry in your hill areas. This might also cause you complications in your game engine.

hi Jandress, thanks again for getting back.

I tried the reset but then I end up with like 100 terrain maps instead of one. the terain texture attached is the result of texture painting. (You can see the individual paths, the gravel walkway and grass bordering the pathway.) that image fits perfectly on my mesh in my village in game. if i hit “reset” and then try to paint over it (for example the sand path), the stroke of sand is repeated also many times and quckly covers the screen so unusable. What i need is to be able to paint on the mesh so that the sand, when zoomed in (in Blender), looks pretty good (crisp) and not pixelly. What you see in the original file when you zoom in slightly (pixelly) is how it shows up in the game. So i need to be able to texture paint in Blender and when I zoom in shows a clearer picture of sand, or grass, not pixelly. Im not so concerned about the hills for the time being, its mostly the gravel and grass that is bothering me but i thank you for pointing that issue out. In the game I play there are mountains far bigger than my little path terrain and they arent showing big pixels. if you have any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


Your texture is only 1024 x 1024 pixels. That is not nearly enough to provide details for an object the size of a village. (Your are also effectively throwing half of your available image pixels away as your UVs are assigned to less than half the UV space.)

You will need to find out what is available in your game engine to get the best results. What is the largest size textures can you use without hurting game performance? Perhaps you can separate the footpath into its own object with its own tiled material. Can you assign multiple materials or textures to an object? Can an object use multiple UV sets?

These things would be in the documentation or forums for the game engine.

Thanks jandress. I appreciate your help. the game can upload up to 2048 so I will try incresing that. I can assign different materials so perhaps could try to do the path separately. In the meantime ive been trying to learn blender cycles and it seems with the input mapping i can increase the x and y and that gives better results. I could not figure out how to increase the mapping in normal blender. I am new to blender so having a bit of trouble with some things. In any case I will take your advice to increase the texture and try to separate the paths if I can manage) and use blender cycles instead of blender. The quick trial I did today in blender cycles seemed alot better. thanks again.