Terramux 1.0.0 Release - Free Procedural Planet Shader (Blender 2.8)

The first version of my powerful procedural planet shader has been released for Blender 2.8.

Terramux 1.0.0 - Aldebaran

It uses only one noise node and a ton of math, connecting just a few sliders to the principled shader node using my algorithms.

More versions are expected to be worked on for the future but I will most likely make them all available for free via gumroad. The latest one can be obtained for free here:



Every time I try to open it, it crashes. Would running POV-Ray be the reason?

It usually crashes due to outdated version of Blender 2.8

Oh, it’s only compatible with 2.8? I’m still using 2.79b as my main. That must be the problem. Thanks!

Some more art I produced while starting the production of the procedural clouds. Am likely going to use drivers to allow for easier access to the cloud settings