Terran Dune Marines

This was supposed to be my cinematic enviroment entering the Blizzard 2006 Art Contest, but since I am from Sweden I am not eligilbe to join the contest.

Well, it was fun anyway, and it was entierly made in Blender 3D

Any comments and suggestions are welcome :smiley:

*note: This is my first ever contest and this is just a low res version.


looks very nise, the armor looks a lil… weird… dunno something with the materials

Hm, looks a bit unfinished because the ground texture is not very diverse and the background is quite empty aswell. I like the space marines!

I really like that soft look you’ve got, but I’d have the front guy in some sort of cooler stance, like the guy behind him.

Other than that it looks cool.

Thanks for the critique, I will try to work a bit on the armour and fix more detailed surroundings and more marines. I will also fix a cooler stance for the front marine together with better facial details.

My intent was to have a very soft sand dune area as a group of marines are scouting the ground while battleships and perhaps a few wraits are emerging from the thick atmosphere.

looks warhammer 40k-ish to me

What is Warhammer 40k, is it a unit from the game itself or does it just look like the game? I have never played it. Or, is it a game even?

Warhammer 40k is a table top game of futuristic combat. The common soldier in the game are known as Space Marines, you also get a ton more kinds of races.


So they both look similar.

Its a bit dull for me, maybe have some riuns on the ground and one of the soldiers getting blown up while the others try and duck or run for cover?

Other than that excellent attempt. :slight_smile:

I have re-textured it for blenders internal engine to be able to use halos for a night shot, to get a more scary atmosphere.

I will soon be updated.