"Terror truck" from Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

I got totally obsessed with this truck, as much as I am obsessed with this franchise. So, I decided upon starting creating it, then I will decide what saw I will make to put in the bed of the truck. Probably The Stihl 034, as that was the one in the film.

But, as a tribute to the now six-year gone Gunnar Hansen (the man who played Leatherface in the 1974 original movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, I might instead make the original Poulan 245A from the first movie. It is loud, and has a nice sound to it. Brutal!

But enough talk, here’s the progress so far! Of course, the truck was a Ford F-100 1959 stepside, heavily modified into half-pickup, half-monster truck if you like by Tinker Sawyer, the “handy-man” of the Sawyer/Slaughter family.

Some more progress. Tires and wheels tweaked.

The grill is done.

… and so the roll bar and bumper are modeled.

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I did a bit of research on the tires. I remade the treads. Those are 44" Denman Ground Hawg tires. Basically made for mud terrain and off-road. I spent quite some time on getting the threads as accurate as I possibly could. Here’s the result.

Edit: More work done. It is basically done.


Lifted about 4 inches (10 centimeters) to add more room to the wheels.

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More work on the tires. Giving them a little more bite :sunglasses:

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More updates on the monster.

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Even more progress. Now one can see that Leatherface is the owner of the truck. Just noticed it’s missing a license plate… but that’s not necessary when you’re a psycho killer, does it? :wink:

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… and this is the monster engine. a 460 cubic inch Ford big block.

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Nice progress so far!

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Thanks! I really do enjoy model this beast :smiley: