Terrorists. A brand new Blender project on Indiegogo!

Hi guys,
support us for the upcoming short movie entirely done with the best 3d software ever.
We made a strong use of the compositor to achieve a stunning cartoon style without the use of plugins or render engines. ONLY BLENDER INTERNAL!
Through IndieGoGo you can partecipate to the production with a small contribution and see your name in the movie credits and on IMDB. You can also pre-order the DVD and other gadgets.

Gianfranco Esposito who is the director, filmmaker, screenwriter says:
The screenplay is based on a true event revealed by Wikileaks and happened in 2007 in Baghdad, that you can see on www.collateralmurder.com.
TERRORISTS doesn’t have a single comprehensible line, so that the difficulty of understanding people different from us, is underlined. So the movie is a voiceless project but it wants to shout out loud the tragedy of war all over the world.
We are scared of kamikazes, bomb attacks, women in hijab, terrorism…
But who are the terrorists? Men driven by fanaticism into bringing down Towers, killing thousands of innocent people, or men driven into fighting wars by governments, killing other thousands of innocent people? Or are they all terrorists? Or are they all victims of a big power over their heads?
Maybe in some situations there isn’t a clear line between good and evil.
TERRORISTS tries to take you into this limbo telling a short story of blood.