I’m working on a first person shooter tat i’m calling “terrorists”

I don’t have much time right now, so i’ll type up the plot later. I only have two screens as of now.

tell me what you think.

Thanks to [email protected] for the awesome modelling!


for the AK: make “VertCol” in the edit buttons so that it’s lit better. The contrast between his glove and the gun is pretty intense.

You might want to change the name of the game, the current one gives away all the subtle plot nuances.:rolleyes:

i agree with lord of the rings and the glove looks like it’s too low and it needs more detail all it looks like is a black hand no palm or anything

it’s looking good beside the aforementioned concerns!

I came up with a system that when you shoot an enemy, and he’s near a solid object, blood splatters on that object.

note: this is not an abandoned project, and will not turn into one. Progress has just been very slow.


Yes, comediants: to give me CStrike.exe by ValVe, for Countier strike source. I lost .EXE !:confused:


learn better english.

yeah, heretic is just a [email protected], btw clone dadd nice job. howabout some better textures.


looks nice
cs type game?

well, kind of…

keep in mind i’m only 13, so don’t expect a mind blowing game :stuck_out_tongue:

http://blenderartists.org/forum/image.php?u=14357&dateline=1149020844 Jacco

You go to here, [email protected] is you.

heretic, the reply you just posted was not relevant to the topic at all. Please do not post in this topic if you don’t have any reasonable crits/comments

thats just my avatar and my profile heretic…so what.

Clone dadd, I was wondering, which levels/areas/puzzels/whatevers did you have in mind to shoot our mags empty and are you planning to release a demo?


Clone dadd , are you only 13 ¿
when you become 20 , you will become a JEDi ! heh , …


yeah, i’m only 13. I hope to stay with blender for a long time

why? you cant do anything.

and the game looks good but the hand looks akward and weird

I think the problem with the hand is that the fingers are too short. I also think the arm should be more towards the center of the screen.

And maybe get a few different splats, and make which one appears random. For more variation.

what do you mean by that?