Tesla 3 Charging

Hi there. Here is my another project of Tesla 3. I really love this car design. Especially exterior. So i decided to render some more complex scene. What do You think?



Hey, Nice, looks real


Hi, looks very nice. Care to share something about the project? Like was it moddeled and rendered in blender? How did you manage the materials, the lighting and the vegetation sorroundings? Some bacground info on the project? Thanks.

You’re #featured! :+1:

What an ugly car :stuck_out_tongue:

That front is just horrible. They removed the front grill, but left a space where there should clearly be one. It looks to me like one of those blank buttons on a car console that reminds you that you didn’t buy all the options.

Nice renders though :smiley:


This is quality stuff. If I was a car company I would totally use these in marketing.

This is killer! Did you do all the modeling here?

Yes. All done in Blender and rendered in Cycles. Marials are mixed ot mine and from internet. Lighting in studio is dead easy to do. Its just a gradient plane above with emission material. I allways tryin to use simple methods.

Its just a matter of taste. Back side is ugly. I agree. But the front with no grill is synonym of the electric cars. IMO


yeap. from a single pixel. :wink:

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Stunning renders! love em

Incredible Photorealism, great inspiration.

Would love to see the studio lighting setup…

Wow, great renders! Now you can play with colors! It would be cool to see a wireframe render too.

Something about the shape of the car looks so different from different cameras. I think I like it best with wider angle lenses.