Tesla Cybertruck (W.I.P)

When the Tesla Cybertruck blueprint was finally available, I decided to jump into Blender and begin modeling the Cybertruck since it has a sharp, simplistic design that won’t take long to model. I’m also going to keep it low poly as well as rig it after it is complete.

I hope to complete it in less than a week.

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The body of the Cybertruck is done.

Here is how it looks like at the moment (the wheels are still in progress).

The wheel is now complete.

Looking good, nice lighting and materials for something WIP!
Id just turn down the ‘shinyiness’ of that HDR reflection a bit though, needs to be more chrome than mirror.

But otherwise, looks like solid modelling. Just smash a couple of windows and you could call it a day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :grin:

I’ll reduce the fresnel reflection on the car paint when I come back to blender.

Modified the headlights and taillights, included the turn signals and darkened the windows. The model is now complete and ready for rigging.

I just wish they had beveled the actual cybertruck a little bit more, would have made it look much better in my opinion.

Yeah, you’re right.

At least the wheels have some bevel.

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Some Backplate Renders for the Cybertruck.