Tesla K80 24GB x3 rendering

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I do have some power issue, 1300w for mobo and 3xK80 OC Is 50-100watt to little.
So i turned off HT cores on my threadripper 1950.
16 real cores vs 32HT is not any big deal on a gpu pc.

For 32HT, 3900mhz 1.425volt
cpuz over 10000p bench

For 16 core 4100mhz 1.4volt 7000p

The system is now better.


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Air cooling update.

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Did some good stuff today

Tesla K80 24GB x3 Bios modded

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I have a feeling you need to get another K80 :slight_smile:

Still these render times… :sob:

How much power at the wall you are getting?

17-1800w after overclocking.
When rendering 100% .
Idle 25watt per card so around 350-400w when using google

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Happy with the bios tweek on the k80, its better than the K40.
Had to reprogram the dual bios like 30 times with diff settings, not so easy.
1200mhz gpus and 3450mhz mem clock is ok.

Manage to Print screen 1,79 sec and it works :sweat_smile:
the temps is ok

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Have uploaded 2 tweeked bios files for Tesla K80 24GB
At www.techpowerup.com

Original: gpu 875mhz turbo, Mem 2500mhz.
Tweeked : gpu 1000mhz turbo, mem 3000mhz.

Download NVflash.exe
Download the 2 bios files.
And just drop first bios file on NVflash.exe and it will install automatic to the right GPU.

Gpu1 bios will be installed on all gpu1 if u have several K80’s, same for Gpu2 bios.

U have to type( y ) for Flashing each gpu.

After , Tesla K80 is rebooting so the screen can go blank a few seconds.