Tesselate/extrude script (new release : may 31, 2004)


Wow this looks very interesting. Where can we find it or is it available yet?
Your example object looks very organic almost like an aloe vera plant.

a-h-a! from c.o.f.f.e.e. to piton!

_this one is a good one, but when I inspected the supersecret http://jmsoler.free.fr/util/blenderfile/tesselate/ adress, it wasn’t there yet. Is this just a showoff of upcoming new superweapon from the jms labs?

Sorry, not yet completely ended : a little problem with the rotations …
( but for a test :
http://jmsoler.free.fr/util/blenderfile/tesselate/ )

:smiley: Thank’s for the good work! :smiley:

Thanks to you for the idea of matrix extrude…

hmm - I think this should have something like ‘along normal’ mode for extrusions and an undo button.

Utilities like this should be hard-coded into blender
(and then their fine params accesible via piton, this and improving on scanliner could give blender an amazing boost in usability plus speed)

kewl :D. I just tested it. now it would be really great (like in every plugin) to have a hint what the diffrent buttons do…

stand still your mouse one or two seconds just on the button …

Vive les tooltips :smiley:


en français et/and in english (or something like that, just push the [eng] button)

… ach, himmel, there’s something omnipresent romantic about english language implementations in your plugins … :slight_smile:

new version:


screenshot looks more and more promissing, but I had problems with this version - it just exited when I pressed make - although I only tested it on my internet computer running win98/piton 2.2.3/b228c. Previous version worked smoothly as can be. And one more thing - the 8_7b script gui changed colors when I was mousing around the 3d window (shades of gray).

When script exited, it didn’t leave any messages in console.
( at least, it should say hi, so sorry or something like that - so much about politeness :slight_smile:

The script was modified since 13:32 .

A big problem : if a mesh has a material, blender freezes .

I really do not know why when python replaces a mesh with materials,
there is a fatal error … both linux and window. But the new script tests
if there is or not a material, so if it finds one it creates a new mesh and
does not try to replace the oldest.


New corrections :

New corrections :
New corrections again:

woa …

this one seems stable, but so far I’ve only fooled with it on my webcomputer, running win/bl23/py223.

there is a cosmetic issue though : script python de fragmentation … text seems to overlap with buttons - then again, can’t say for other bl versions

script output seems fairly artistic …
but it takes away the pleasure of doing it all by yourself :expressionless:
sign of times, perhaps.

Thinks like that: