Test animatios

test animations to sharp my animating skills

C&C are wlcome


Nice like it

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thank you so much !!!

I really like your top scene and the acting choices you made.
As far as critique i would suggest leading your head turns with eye darts so that he’s looking in the direction he’s going to turn his head first. The end it looks a little weird and i’m not a big fan of having the character turn his back to the room/camera after spending the scene checking to see if it was clear. An alternative way for him to close the door would be to nudge/slide it shut with his leg. This would help end the scene in a manner thats more consistent with the characters goal (make sure no one is in the room) and not leave his back exposed.

The run feels like he hangs in the air a bit too long and it maybe could be 2-4 frames shorter as it seems kinda slow for a run.
On the keys where he’s completely off the ground your back foot is bend in a way that makes it look like he’s running in the air. Its very apparent from the 3/4 view.

That’s my 2 cents. Good job so far.

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thank you so much for the critic , it will help alot
as for the first animation , its actually not done yet, ther is another scene to be rended yet , where the camera will shift !!! but its taking to long for me with all the work i have to finish rendering it

but overoll your feedback helps alot, ill conceder what you said in the next scene !