Test: Beginner's Knowledge Test


This test will hopefully be a fun challenge, even for more advanced users. My hopes are that it will serve to help you get an idea of some of the things you might want to review or learn.

NOTE: Due to compatibility issues, the online version is no longer available however, the offline version is a very quick download and seems to be the most compatible. :slight_smile:

Check it out!

Nice test… and it actually gave me a better understanding of the rotation center options. :slight_smile:
Oh… 86% by the way. Room for improvement there… :slight_smile:

Just letting you know…The online version crashed my browser, running Firefox, then I tried it on IE and it crashed that too :stuck_out_tongue:

94% .

That’s very strange because I use the Firefox browser as well. I also tested it using the IE Tab extension with no problems. And, I tested it using Internet Explorer. Do you have Javascript enabled? You might also look at your browser settings. It should run just fine, it’s pretty simple stuff on the backend and I’ve been running it for over a week now (during development) with no problems at all.

Note: Make sure your Quicktime is up-to-date. Also, make sure that you don’t have MOV files set to be played by another media player other than Quicktime. That may cause issues with the little video clips.

Hope that helps.

Great idea and well done. I took the test offline but it never did manage to compute a score for me :frowning: I’m sure it was 100% anyway :rolleyes:

Firefox 1.0.7, Mac, 10.3.9

Got it to work in Safari but without videos (I’ve probably got it set to download MOV so don’t worry about that). 83% without answering the group of 7 rotation questions (Q:44). It’s interesting testing your knowledge of mouse buttons when you use a one-button mouse :slight_smile:

Thanks! Did the browser screen go black? If it did, you have to move the scrollbar just a little for the Test Results page to display. I mentioned it underneath the See Test Results button. I don’t know why it happens but, that’s the only issue I’ve noticed. That only happens in Firefox. IE had no problems. If that wasn’t the issue, I would be interested to know more so I can hopefully correct the problem.

BTW, I’m on Windows (with Firefox 1.5.05) so, I have no idea of how it may work on any other OS. I figured since it was just HTML and Javascript it would be okay.

Nice test although the online version also crashed on mine!


Crashed mine with IE7 when I clicked on see results. :{ You wasted my time man. JK it’s OK, as I programmer, I totally understand that its probably not your fault as far as a coding error. Oh well.

[edit] Ok, I think I figured out what’s going on. Its not a coding problem or anything, but a server connection problem. I went back to the online test and it said error with a plugin on the page, I clicked ok and another same box came up. after about 20 they stopped. NOTE: That didn’t happen the first time i went to the page. And right after that, I closed the window and clicked on the take the test online link and it didn’t give me the plugin error, so I think it’s having some sort of trouble getting the page correctly from the server. Maybe the same thing that happened with the “big” video tutorial the other day. Don’t know what you can do about it other than use a mirror. Cheers

[edit2] Well I went through it again clicking on random answers then clicked on view results and it crashed ie7 again, so. . . I don’t know. I appreciate the effort though, It’s a great test.

could never get the score with the online version, agreed that it is a good idea.


deleted duplicate…

More than a good idea, it’s made very well, too.

In question 3 i use MMB.

Very good idea!

A poor 90%

yeah, me too

The problems that you, and others, are experiencing are browser-related (see security settings). There’s no way my servers are having a problem with files ranging from 10K to 100K. The whole thing weighs in at less than 1MB uncompressed.

I think the “crashing” that people are experiencing is as I explained underneath the See Test Results button. For some reason, in Firefox, you may have to move the scrollbar after clicking the See Test Results button. That’s the only issue I’ve ever experienced. Also, I’ve had zero problems in IE7.

Make sure you have the latest Quicktime, Firefox or IE. Also, you MUST have Javascript enabled (make sure you’re up-to-date with that as well). And, review your browser’s security settings.

If the problems you are having fall outside of what I’ve described, please give me more details (screenshot of it “hanging” if possible, error messages) because I would like it to work for as many people as possible.

BTW, I used the freeware app called QuizFaber to produce most of the test.

Glad you like it, sorry for any issues you may be experiencing.

Here’s a quick sample quiz to see if it causes the same problems.

It doesn’t crash with the sample quiz…and I do have javascript enabled, along with quicktime 7 installed. I’m on windows as well, using Firefox 2

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve removed the online version since some people seem to be having a problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I don’t think anyone is having problems with the offline version.

Offline version works fine for me.

Oh, and I got and 80%…

I got 90%. nice quiz