Test Build Woes..

Okay, I’m seeing all the incredible things folks are able to do with some of the newer test builds. So I got my hands on one of the more recent BF builds. But here is my problem…

In my meshes that have Ray-Mirroring or Ray-Transparent materials, those materials get rendered as flat black - what was once a headlamp now looks like a black hole in my mesh. What gives? What am I missing?

Any help welcome,
Eric “GuitarEC”

What O.S. are you running?

What is the build date of the version you’re running?

Where did you get it?

If you want to post the blend file, I’ll test it, I’m running the daily/hourly version. Windows (2006/05/13) MSVC (+ Win98)

The bug tracker might have some further info.

Did you find it in the testing builds forums ? If so, posting a message there might get you more info.

There is also the BF-blender-cvs mailing list where you can talk to the developers directly.

Finally there are the release noteson the wiki, and the Developer’s Documentation on the Wiki Main Page

I read somewhere in all of those references above that the renderer was in a state of “flux” :smiley:

If somehing isn’t working that’s why they’re called testing :o


Not being at my home computer, I’m going to guess here…

I want to say the BFBlender version I am running is from May 12th. I got it from a link in the Testing Builds forum on www.blender.org/forum/.

When I get home, I will send the .blend in question.

Thanks for your reply.

Eric “GuitarEC”