Test/Demo of my project...

Some of you may know about my project on gameblender, (http://www.gameblender.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=194&forum=9&post_id=2292#forumpost2292) but I’d like some more crits/comments from people.


Please keep in mind that this is just as much a test as a demo, but if you could give advice on anything at all it would be appreciated.



the link don’t work?!

Link directly to the file, not that htm page.

I’m not sure how to link directly to the file, I’m using a site called www.freeuploader.com and when the htm should being you to a site that has a download button for the file. I was never given a link to the actual file.

Try downloading from the gameblender forum. I just tried that and the link works from there. Why? I dunno. :-?


Cool!Nice graffics(lighting is also good)!Shooting that monster down was fun!When it was falling i was like :"What the hell!!! :o "

Awesome! Good work , i hope to see more(it gives me inspiration to work more on my game :smiley: ).

coooooooooooool !!!

I’m Downloading it now maybe you should like include an image or somehting to show people like what it is sort of and then they can click it but thats just a suggestion not a critisism or anything

i know noone probably cares or remembers but i’m back after a month and a half my computer blew a fuse and it was in harvey norman for ages … sorry for like half-posting off topic

Please stop posting like that.

This is a pretty fun little game :slight_smile: , I didn’t notice the monster above until I fell in the pit :slight_smile:

Suggestion: You could have the monster drop down if you fall into the pit or if you shoot him,then it would chase you around and jump at you :slight_smile: that would be cool.

cool but very little game =(