Test EC2 Network Render

Hey guys, I’m currently testing the stability/speed of using Amazon EC2 instances for a quick Cycles/BI render farm, using the Blender Network render. Testing OC is free :slight_smile:

For those who use the network render addon, the master node’s address is here: “ec2-54-224-34-42.compute-1.amazonaws.com

To view the running jobs and slavfes, go here (in browser) “http://ec2-54-224-34-42.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8000/” Please don’t mess around with this :confused:

Costs from Amazon are 7c/hour spot pricing on Quad Core machines, with some 16core/32thread machines going for 27c/hour at times :slight_smile:

The master node is on a ordinary instance so it won’t get shut down if the costs rise too much.

Edit: Server is currently down, will edit when re-enabled.