test game

i’d like to make a simple game, but right now, i am testing out, as it is my very first attempt at making a game. i never did anything about a game, so i’m new.

how do i enable textures from UV mapping, to make them appear in the game? I have TexFace set in the shading panel, but thats all. any ideas? thanks

ok, in the GE dont use materials, and just click the textured drawtype to make them show up ingame

Like iliketosyblah said just set the draw type to textured. Thats usually what I forgot as well in my beginning stages.

where can i do that?

also, how can i make something rotate when its turning?

On the bottom part of the 3d view window (where it says “view” “select” “object”) there is a pull-down window that has a weird looking cube on it. Click on that cube and select textured.

Or you can just hit “d” and choose textured.

Hope this helps,

you need some logic bricks…
keyboard (key) pressed ----------- AND -------------- Motion (loc rot z axis) or x or wutever axis you need. umm. gl…

What do you mean?

i mean, i want my object to actully turn right, not just slide that way.