Test logo animation

Hello. This is my first animation in my life. I want to create logo animation and this is is. One letter. Maybe i finis it someday.
Sorry for my english.


Okey I don’t create new subject so lets start. I give up. I would like to create something similar to this effect http://vimeo.com/74433152 but i don’t have any idea. I try everything (i think so) and I give up. Can you help me a little??

Not bad for the first animation! How did you do it? Is that combination of vortex and force modifiers on rigid bodies?

Also, tell us exactly what’s your trouble in the tile animation? Would you like it to be dynamic e.g. being audio visualizer? Do you have problems with materials?

I nie przepraszaj za słaby angielski - można cie zrozumieć - to wystarczy :slight_smile:

Hello marchenek. Thanks for kind word. This animation is a particle and colision mesh. For make this particle move i create aroud the letter container and spin it around. Thats it.
In the tile animation i try to create effect similar to this tutorial. This dude use some animated modifier to make this tile move up and down. And i don’t know how to do this in blender. And another question how to create that material for uper part of tile.

You could hack your way through by animating each cube by hand. You could rig cubes as armature or you could use rigid body with movement constrains and apply moving force field underneath them. So, as the force field moves, it lifts the cubes.
Or why don’t you treat this as an opportunity to learn some Python? There are many possibilities, it all depends what is your final goal.

As for material - it has some reflection and texture - you could use mix shader, for example glossy with high roughness value and diffuse, with bump, which would give ‘worn’ texture. You could use some kind of stock image of a cracked wall and use it to create bump map, or even better - use procedural texturing. Check this: