Test Scene for Nature Products

A new test scene for displaying and tweaking my new vegetation models:) The tree in this one is a new Poplar model I’ll be making available on Blender Market. Everything else in the scene (aside from the house and pavement) is available on my Blender Market Shop:) Let me know if the quality of the render below looks good for display. Thanks for viewing!

incredible realism really!

Looks good! Although the house seems a bit flat. I would add a “helper light” to give it more depth. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks guys I appreciate the feed back. I’ll see what I can do with the house:)

nice,tree and grass look great.leaf distribution on the tree looks good,how do you achieve it?

Thanks Remade, distribution comes from a few different techniques:) Particle systems (multiple) and weight paint:) I cant give too many of my secrets away…sorry. I appreciate the positive feed back…lets me know I’m doing it right:)

This is really good :slight_smile:

The grasses and the large tree are what immediatly caught my attention, They are brilliantly made. Great work mate :smiley:

Thanks Jamie B, seems like I’m always adjusting the base color and translucency color of the grass and other vegetation:( Always trying to achieve perfection which is kind of an oxymoron with nature always in beautiful chaos:) Here are a few new renders at higher resolution with more samples. Also using one of sapling models here with something new I’m working on. A tree base ground pack which includes mulch, smaller sapling off shoots, river pebbels ect. which can be used with the particle system:)

I have two render options below. The first is a standard render with a little compositing. The second is playing with mist to bring more focus to the tree model which is kind of what I want if this is going to be a display render for the sapling model:) Let me know your thoughts, which idea/option do you prefer?