Test skin shader fake SSS with nodes

Hi all !
Here’s a test for a skin shader made with Blender nodes. The render is made with internal renderer and lamps are only spots with soft very shadows.


and the node tree :


Give me your feelings, cheers

nice skin shader, very good, but nothing to do with sss…

Not really a well explained node setup. You mind supplying the .blend?

I sort of got a fake SSS effect with mixing two copies of the same material and twiddling a bit with vector curves plugged into the normal slot of the material input if you want to know and you want SSS.

Though I later found it doesn’t work with lamps with shadows enabled so if you’re seeking fake SSS using lamps with shadows then I got zip.

I don’t think you (like a lot of people here) actually understand what SSS is. put a flashlight under your fingers or behind someone’s ear - it’s a translucency where light is reflected within and throughout the surface, leading to variations of color according to thickness (i.e.slightly reddish because of the blood under the skin). none of your model looks semi-opaque

Like i said it’s a test with blender internal. And i do understand and perfectly know what SSS is. My shader is still in progress so it needs some more work.
Framedworld >> no pb to supply the .blend, i’ll see if i have time to do it today.
Thx for your answers so far