Test Superhero Animation

Ok, here goes nothing… I posted this on a forum of a well known youtuber “Angry Joe” and felt fine. Now that I’m posting it on here with fellow blender artists I feel kinda nervous… haha. Ok so this animation was inspired by the youtuber Angry Joe while watching one of his videos of him playing DCUO. The idea came to me “Why don’t I try make a superhero animation in blender?” And because the idea came to me while watching Angry Joe, instead of trying to make up my own superhero universe I decided to make it AJ themed and use the AJSA community (Angry Joe Show Army). Anyway, I’m pretty new to blender and this is one of the first animations I’ve done that involved a human character. At first he was designed to have a cape but that wasn’t working out too well. I have still got to texture his head hence why it is just a glossy silver material in this video. I’m having trouble UV unwrapping his head and keeping the facial features in proportion so I can texture them in PS. But, like i said I’m fairly new to blender so this UV stuff is blowing my mind and any help with that is appreciated!

Anyway, check out the video if you’re interested. It was just a test to see how things were looking so its fairly low quality. Critique is welcome and so are any tips/ideas you have.


I love the camera shake. Most of the video is of the logo and text rather than the character. Even if there isn’t more character animation, how about showing the character more. And the character seems a bit low poly when in the closeup shot (Although I’m not sure if it’s possible to easily fix that after modelling it).

Thank you Wolfgange! Yeah the animation for the character was fairly short. It was just a quick one I made. I kinda done everything backwards… I done the animation, then when I was fairly happy with the animation I started to design the character. I’m still designing him and tweaking everything so he looks just right, then I will add more animation to the scene and hopefully make the city look more believable. As for low polly, I dont think he is, sub surf mod on every part set at render 2… Not sure if that classes as low polly? But then again I am new to this so it might be?

I’m not sure what makes it look low poly but at certain spots like below, the reflections and edges don’t look smooth. And a subsurf level of 2 might be sufficient depending on how detailed the original mesh is. In the image below I also noted how it looks black next to the ears which could be a result of low glossy light bounces.

To increase light bounces:

I see what you mean. I think the problem may be because I hadn’t textured the head yet, I hadn’t added the sub surf to it yet. As for the body I have no idea. I will have to check it tomorrow once I’ve finished the head. I also have no idea why I put the texture of the head to glossy instead of a standard defused colour. But thanks for the tips on the light bounces! It will definitely help with the armour since that’s glossy too! Thanks again man. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

UPDATE I added some hair, eyebrows and a beard along with a quick face texture. Hope y’all like :slight_smile:

Here is the final cut :slight_smile:
AJSA Final Trailer: http://youtu.be/gWEbJG_Wvbw