test your iq

I tought this would be fun.


post your results. :smiley:

One-hundred and thirty-four (on first try).

What are your results?


I think I’ll pass on this one for now. It’s way definitely time for me to go home. Maybe tomorrow or over the weekend. I started, but my brain is fried, so I quit.

did another one at http://iqtest.com. I liked it a bit better. The patterns got on my nerves after a while :smiley: I got 115 on that site over there <<.

I got 136 :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i’ll be crazy on this one… huhuhuhuhh i’m so dam men…:mad:

Took me about 15 minutes to get through the questions, some were easy, I don’t have access to my email address right now and the thing won’t just print your IQ on the screen:rolleyes:

Got zero… Beat it:cool:

I got a 169 on the first one… it says that means I’m an alien.

144 at iqtest.com, which I guess is good, except now they want me to pay $10 for a full assessment. Just how dumb do they think I am?

I got 157 on the first one. Didn’t do the iqtest.com one yet.

edit: 148 on the iqtest.com one.

I got 138… I guess what killed me was the ‘memory test’. I have ugly memory.

First time I did it I got 116. I didn’t know that you could go over the objects with the mouse cursor. Then I did it again. So I got 149.

But I still believe that I have about 115-120. No way that I have 149 or that everyone else has this kind of IQ. Like the 1 procent of worlds smartest people lure at the blenderartists.

The stuff over internet are crap anyways. Always trying to lure you to do the tests for a fee or has a lot of ads on them sites.

Just to be honest, I did it for the second time today. I remember I got more than 140 on the first try, Lol.

I didn’t complete the one on iqtest.com, because it require some english skills… looks pretty easy however. :cool:

Usually the most accurate tests are those you take with an actual IQ tester anyway, and I scored quite good on my last one, they have some fun sections.

I would agree, they would assume you’re pretty smart, but dumb enough to pay for an assesment you don’t know anything about:spin:

Mine was #FFFFFF , aperantly I am the color white or all on?

I sent in a bug report email in retaliation:


hope he has a hex converter and a couple of free hours.

On a REAL IQ test I got 154, 160 is genius!!!

I guess I won’t need the next year of high school, lol.

I must be an alien as well, I got 174 on the first one and 138 on the second one.

I got 127 on iqtest.com. I hated the questions.


I stopped at:

and then re-took it, but when I re-did it, I got 167!?! How’d I get such a high score if I only re-did the first 9 questions, but could that make my score so high?