testing and help for game

there are a lot of glitches in this game, especially in the physics. eg. falling through things, getting stuck inside of things, etc. i just want (for now) an environment that the character can run around in.

the problem may be that the movement control has too small a radius, but when i make the box bigger or change the radius, my character goes flying off into oblivion. what am i doing wrong?

i’ve included an untextured, leafless/foamless .blend file for testing. feel free to comment on anything. it’s a floating island with a waterfall

i’m finding this very difficult, at the moment, and would appreciate any help.


Hoovie Physicssimple.blend (924 KB)

well for one id change the model to a ghost so it dosnt conflict with the actual dynamic player object. then add a box bound box to the player object.

i dont see any problems so far…

oh, my! you’ve solved my problem! thanks a lot. it seems quite obvious now. another quick thing, do you know any mods i could make to the current physics to make the little guy move at a more constant rate? i know i could use linear velocity, but then gravity doesn’t seem to affect it (unless i add, which kind of defeats the purpose) since my scenario is so small he needs to be able to turn quite fast.

well what i do for mine is use DLoc for movement, but for jumping i use LinV

note that when using DLoc the values have to be very small like 0.05, but for LinV the values must be larger like 10 or 20. hope you get done what you need.

by the way, how did you make those trees? they are awsome! :smiley:

when you set the linV to 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 it will set those values and overwrite the linV from gravity.

If you check the ‘add’ box next to linV you can keep the gravity, but your object will accelerate

I usually write it in python, passing the old gravity to the new movement.

BTW that is a great character and walkcycle

thanks for the tips and help. the only problem with the lin velocity is that it doesn’t move at a constant speed, which i suppose is realistic for a block that must overcome it’s inertia, but not for an animal that reaches jogging speed in a second. i modeled the trees myself, basically by extruding a cube and and rounding where it needed to be rounded/extruded, then i used and tweaked a texture from the internets (http://www.blender-materials.org/index.php?action=view&material=263-tree-bark). i then renered my image and baked that onto my tree :smiley:

the leaves are a simple conglomeration of transparent textures.

i just realized my upload was the textureless version, so here are some screenshots


oh, and spacebar is the jump key.
btw jplur

I usually write it in python, passing the old gravity to the new movement.

i’m terrible at python and would appreciate the script :smiley:

also, if i was to use linear velocity, how would i prevent the character from flying into space/ kind of follow the animation of the jump cycle