Testing eevee

I am testing eevee, these are some stills renders with lt.
the version used gave me a lot of crashes (2018-03-15 00_51 has: 316cccc4), but I was able to get the images out at 4500x3500 in less than 20 seconds each.

the scene was created for blender cycles, and was imported to eevee, retouching in this textures and lights.
the output of the images I made them with .exr to be able to take the layers to photoshop, but with the color mangament in filmic, the result of the colors was not the same as in blender.

There are still errors in the mesh and some textures are not well controlled.
the images have post-production in photshop with raw camera and google nick collection

in eevee, settings by default.

sorry for my english.




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Wow! With these results, we don’t need cycles anymore.

Awesome job, I would love to see a scene compared to Cycles. I don’t see how it could look much better.

Really awesome, congratulations! one of the best eevee interiors so far

Great renders man, can you tell me what hardware is used for this images :slight_smile:

Great renders, i wonder how it will look in the official release of blender 2.8

beautiful… I think the eeve need more colorbleed, all is so much ‘dry’, grayish… Maybe Occ is very strong (I dont like occ anyway), if you to render ‘occ pass’ separated and on photoshop to duplicate the final render layer, switch the duplicated layer blend mode to softlight and use ‘occ pass’ as mask, this will do the occ more ‘colorbleed’.
anyway very nice images.

When seeing the small images those eeVee renderings looks fantastic.

pretty impressive what it can do already.

would you mind sharing insight into how you set up lights and the environment / irradiance cache?
i don’t see irradiance cache artifacts in your image.

Awesome/ how did you setup the Gi probe ?

uh, I cant believe that this is eevee, you warmed up my interest to try to do with it something. And great work, best interior viz with eevee!
One moment that I noticed is the missing shadows under the couch

That’s very impressive, I still struggle with eevee, it crashes a lot. I think overall the scene is pretty awesome but it looks overexposed, the light is too strong.

the moment you look at color bleeding or shadows you can see that it is not cycles.
this is another darn good example that object quantity and good textures can bring you very very far already

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yep! is a great advanced!, but sometimes i miss the noise of cycles, give more realims to the image

is attached some cameras with cycles render, for me cycles at now is more polished final render.

#davzeppelin thanks!
#MilanStankovic thanks!, I do the work with a very good computer in the officce ;)(ryzen 1800x 64gb ram and 960 nvidia grapichs), my “old” computer i7 4770k with 780 nvidia can not open 2.80 builds (i think for the grapichs no support opengl 3.3 at really)

#kalish me too!!

#wilBr thanks!! me too, i think overused the A0, and all the image need a lot of improves

#cekuhnen i do a little video showing all the settings i use, basically is a default settings, and the light have a sof sahdows light 8 values (see in the video)

#Ffrima see the video i think i do nothing special withe gi probe

#Floki thanks! yes i don’t know if eevee need improve the contact shadows of i don’t setup correctly the lights

#odd.prism thanks! yes, is dificult work with 2.80(is in alfa i think), and yes, the lights are overposed , this not eevee’s fault. It’s my mistake

some cycles image to compare

sorry for my english!

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wow. Looks great! :slight_smile:

This looks really fancy. May I ask what exactly evee is? I heard of it a few times but it is a bit confusing to me.