Testing grass with geometry nodes

Hi there,

I´m testing some of our 3D models with geometry nodes scattering. Here is a first version of a WIP grass field with some flowers.

Critique and comments are very welcome…



Very nice!
perhaps the DOF is a bit hard :thinking:


thanks and yes, that might be a bit too much. Here is another version with less dof and without post …


Very nice.

I would like to see your node setup. Geometry nodes are still black magic for me.

It´s based on the demo ´Flower Scattering´ from Blender and I just exchanged the models and modified the distribution parameters a bit. Here you can download the original file from Blender: https://download.blender.org/demo/geometry-nodes/flower_scattering.blend
here are more demos: https://www.blender.org/download/demo-files/


Bear in mind that the geometry nodes setup in those files are going to be defunct at some point because the new version of the geometry nodes in v3.0 implements different strategy for processing than the initial attributes passing.

Thanks for letting me know! I don´t plan to use those file for any other purpose than creating images and learning the node system currently. I´ll switch over to 3.0 then soon…

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yup this made all grass tutorials online non-functional !

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