Testing new features: Glass & multi-extrude

Hi, just played around with the latest (test-build) of the up and coming 2.35 (still 2.34) the following image was made in 2 minutes:


What made this possible was the “separate-face-extrude” function.

and err…yes…I played around with the shaders as well.

What is far more fun is to turn on an arbitrary mesh, like the default Suzanne for example, and extrude using the same technique. With subsurf applied the results are… interesting. To say the least. This is quickly becoming an extrension to the Kaleidoscope modeling technique popularized by Blender’s own Endre Barath (a.k.a. Endi).

Okay, how exactly did you do that? I think I’m missing a very important hotkey. I believe it has to do with “along axis” stuff. Btw, how do you move along the local axis or face normal?

:slight_smile: That’s funny, I’ve just made a similar sphere earlier today, but you were faster with posting them.
You’ve got some nice materials there!

— Elubie

Carnivore - the hotkey is “E” and it only works in this version of blender.

O wow :o

An extrude function like that is going to be very useful.

Damn can’t wait to have the feature. There’s been a hell of a lot of times when I needed just that feature.