Testing new nodes

I set out to test the new nodes in 2.46 and ended up with this. I think I’ll make another run and create a better runway. Glare and lens distort are both very nice, thanks for those.


Cheers, Mats.

sweet! please post a screenshot of your noodle so we can learn how to use them!

Very nice!.. But, who let that tree grow right next to the runway?!

Very nice. Although it has nothing to do with realism, anything that mimics a camera give more of that photo realistic perception.

Here’s my node-setup. Nothing fancy, really, just basic fiddling around.

Toontje: You’re absoulutely right, moreover, I think ‘realism’ is a bit overrated in CG in my opinion.

Secundar: Refering to the above, well, I did :wink:


That’s exactly what I was thinking…:smiley: lol
Very nice. If you had a better runway, I think this would be gallery work!
Keep it up man.


The big dents in the run way, as well as the big tire tracks give the impression of a toy-like plane. Change that and i think your set for the gallery :).

Great work btw, yeah, glare and distortion are really nice. Tested them myself and they are really usefull.

I’d think it looks nice, though the scale looks real small. I had no idea there was a glare node in 2.46, it wasn’t in the release logs last I checked.