Testing new user porftolio link


After the introduction of the User Portfolios, I still thought they were too hard to discover - you could only find it in the user’s user card (click on an avatar to show it), or on their profile page.

To make this feature more obvious, I started a new experiment to add a portfolio icon to such user’s posts:

Since I don’t want to show this icon ONLY for users who actually have a portfolio, I’m thinking of using/abusing the badge system for this; this way I can set up a nightly query to award this badge to anyone who has posted in the #artwork category. I hacked the badge display to link to the actual portfolio instead.

For now, I have only awarded @Metin_Seven this badge so we can test. Try it on Metin’s posts below to see it in action.

I’d appreciate your feedback!


Cool, thanks for the honor. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: It seems to work fine.

You can use this post now to refer to if you like.

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A little suggestion:

It’d be nice if the gallery thumbnails would reflect which image(s) have been Featured.

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I just tested on Android phone and it is working good as intended. However I realized that portfolio page does not have any visuals/thumbnails on mobile (comparing to PC). I think it’ll be better with visuals if possible.

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Cool idea! I checked but I don’t have tag information available at this point, I made a request to see if this can be added.

Correct, mobile is not supported by the plugin yet. Maybe I can fund that in future versions.


I’m populating this for our entire userbase now - about 20k users will receive this badge + icon :tada:

(Metin’s badge will return when that job is done)

I’m considering adding extra visibility for the feature launch. How’s this? Ok, or too much?

I think that’s fine as it’ll be a temporary thing and it’s catchy enough that users will realize and check it out.

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How can I disable the portfolio for my account?

There’s no option for that yet.