Testing out cycles

Here is a scene I’ve been working on.

Open to suggestions to improve!

I gave it a glow to see if you guys like it better.

If I posted it in there no one would see it.

Everyone could say the same thing and fill up the entire section with tests, but anyway, good luck.

Facepalm You say your testing cycles?.. What about it are you “testing” in this image? You should explain yourself if you want a constructive conversation. If you just want people to comment on your work and make suggestions, you should have posted in “focused critique” or “works in progress”. Make sense?

Anyway, not much to comment on here. A majority of the scene is pitch black and there are 4 lights, with only one of them partially in focus. I would suggest adding something else to look at and take it easy on the DoF and glow effect.

I was just testing cycles and how many passes it took to get rid of the grain.
It took about 1000 passes and there was still a little bit. So that was my test.