Testing photo realistic environments in Cycles

My study in photo realistic environments in cycles (in progress)
Everyone let me know what you think!

Adjusted some lighting and materials

I hope you are open to some constructive criticism

I know its still a WIP but I thought I would point out some scaling issues in the layout/modeling :

( staircase in relation to platform and banisters )
( pool size in relation to beach ball )

and the rusted metal texture is just way to overkill for me

Thanks for taking the time to critique my work! I agree with your assessment on all three counts I will take another look at it.


EDIT: BTW, it’s supposed to be a hot tub not a pool. Much smaller.

Well right now, the repeating on the rusted metal texture is way too obvious, you can use various techniques to reduce it like using noise textures to either add procedural detail or mix multiple instances of the texture together at different rotations and scales.

Hi etoven,

just a few words about your image :

  • wood textures look fine
  • ground textures (both on the hot tub and the “wooded” one) look fine too
  • metal and rusted ones are repetitives as it was said before.

Keep it on !

Another tip: unwrap your fence boards separately, they all are mapped exactly the same. Or, you could also add in some random uv offset per object using cycles object node.