Testing SSS and sculpting tools.

I started playing with blender again in my spare time so i thought i will share with you guys with some off the stuff i’ve done.


Awesome. Are the textures hand painted? What is your technique for them?

JoseConseco There is only one texture at the moment for skin color. I used photos to project them directly on model in Mari then in gimp I removed shadows and specular/highlights.

I decided to do trainers for character i working on using photogrammetry and then clean the mesh and do retopology in blender.
That was first really quick try so results are not very good but I used just few photos and “studio” setup wasn’t very professional as you can see. I used canon ef 500mm f/1.8 lens for shooting.


very nice! I love the skin shader.

Thanks man!

Getting better with photogrammetry.

I have been working on skin shader bit more, also I tried make eyes to look more realistic.


Still working on skin shader. I rebuild sss part of the shader and also i spend some time on reflections.