Tetris; the movie, a big sci-fi epic coming to a theater near you

Yes, this isn’t a badly timed April Fool’s joke, the Wall Street Journal reports that a big budget live action Tetris movie is in the works (and it’s not even all about rotating blocks).

For movie collectors, this would have a good spot on the shelf next to the Hungy Hungry Hippos movie that was being proposed (and maybe a spot on the other side for the Pong or the Bejeweled movie if they are ever made).

At least Need for Speed kind of had room for story ideas, I guess Tetris could have a story regarding clandestine activities of a new Soviet Union, who knows… :rolleyes:

Finally! Oh jumping coconuts this is so exciting! This is worth six gold doubloons in itself!

Oh- it’s just another remake of an 80’s cartoon based on a video game …