tex for semi transp

see pic

this pic shows a guy with a semi transp dress

how can i do only one mesh - may be with several materials
one being white and tranparent

i want only one mesh not 2 mesh one above the other
to make it really flat and later would allow to do some carving in or out!


Ctrl’J in Object mode to join the mesh objects into one mesh with multiple materials? Not sure what you are needing, but joining into one object should preserve the material data.

that you end up with two layers of mesh over each otherif you nake them at the sam edepth you endup loosing one of the material

in the case of this semi transparent material it’s not a good solutioni think

any other idea on how to do this would be apprediated


Maybe spot the blend file up so we can see what you mean - the pic is not 3d, can’t see what you are trying to do.

it’s 2 D but i wish tio have only one mesh not 2 like in 3D model

so i need something equialent like a morhp of 2 textures
one being the white transparent and under it a brown for the skin

i think it’s possible but there is a trick to it !

see next pic is more visible - i mean the transparent effect
you can the legs trough the white transparent dress

go for a simple ramp material with alpha set to about 1/2

and that’s it = problem solved
see pic