Text Effects?

Can you add particle effects to text? I can’t do it, is it impossible? Do I have to convert it to>curve>mesh?

Just checked. You have to convert the text from a curve to a mesh before you can apply a particle effect to it.


That is what I figured… Thanks

Double post. Sorry, but I have a problem…

When I convert the curve to mesh, there aren’t an even dispersement of verticies. So my particles look wierd, do I have to edit them individually and add more, or can I spred them out evenly somehow so I get even particles?

You mean having particles equally spread out among all faces? In 2.40, in the Particle tab, in the lower left corner, press the Even button.

Is 2.4 out? or did you mean 2.4a? I have 2.4a november build… My particles are not even, as the verticies for the letters differ.

Official 2.4. It got released the 22nd December.

so is the “even” thing in the new release? (getting it now) or did I just miss that?

Double post again…

I see now, there is a lot changed from version 2.4a! Explain what to do to get the verticies to even out please.

It seems to me like what you want is to have verts evenly scattered on your text mesh, but “even” will only make it so that particles will emit evenly from the verts you already have. I’ve had this problem as well, and all I can thing of is too manualy subdivide certain areas of your text to even out the verts. This can be a pain though.

This would seriously be a pain for me, I want to make credits for a short film my friends and I are doing… That would take forever… Any more ideas?

What kind of particle effect are you doing? If you have enough randomness then it shouldn’t be noticable. I made an example .blend file of what I mean. If you want to see it, let me know.

in 2.4 make the text, convert it to a mesh, remove doubles and recalc normals, then add a particle system, make sure “faces” and “even” are on in the From: bit, now try what you want to do

I turned on faces: even and rand, which gave me the particles on the letters with less verticies more on the faces. I get a very even dispersation* now. The problem is, I want the text to look 100% solid first. THEN, blow up/ blow away.

Why don’t you create TWO identical meshes with the text; one solid and one particles. Use dupliverts then make one particles.

Use the solid and switch it to the particle one frame before you blow it up.


Just posted a vew minutes ago…

??? How do I “switch” to particles?