Text get blur

Hello, I have a problem with animation. Whenever my animation gets started my texts get blur. My friend wants to make animation fast. But the text parented with the camera. I don’t understand the reason. so I cant find the answer. please help me, fellas. Thank you :slight_smile:

First off, welcome to the community, @SerkanD! Off the top of my head, I can think of two things that would blur your text (assuming you aren’t using any blur or defocusing nodes in the compositor): a low number for your aperture and motion blur. The easy one first:

Knowing your text is parented to your camera doesn’t exactly eliminate motion blur as the culprit. If your text is animated, it could still be blurred by motion blur depending on your settings. The best way to see if motion blur is the issue would be to turn it off. You can do that for either Cycles or Eevee in the Render properties under Motion Blur.

If that didn’t fix it, you may have an aperture issue. You can achieve a shallow depth of field by lowering your camera object’s aperture value in the F-Stop field. The lower you go, the thinner your focal plane gets in relation to where your camera object is focusing. In regular solid mode in the 3D Viewport, you can’t see this effect. It becomes visible once you render. You may have your text outside of that shallow focal plane. To see if this is the issue, raise the value in your to something large (like 20), or you actually might be able to set it to 0.0, and that might disable it completely.

Give those things a try and let us know!

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Firstly, thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: First I check the motion blur and I see it’s already turned off. then I check cycles and Eevee (btw I have no idea what are they I am a newbie:sweat_smile:) it’s already chosen Eevee by program and I changed that to cycle, in the beginning, it seems fine but when I started animation it goes crazy. It goes to 8-bit and stuff I don’t know what are they :thinking: then I go to the depth of field thing and I saw it’s already turned off then I changed it to turn on. focus on the object was empty I changed that to text and nothing happen. ten I play with F-stop thing to 00 to 20 and again nothing happens:frowning: so I am stuck :cry:

Got it. So, with those causes likely ruled out, we probably will need a little more data to aid in troubleshooting. Could you post a screenshot or render of what the text looks like? Maybe your meaning of the work blur is different than what I think it is.

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When I render it the problem gone O.o Sorry about making you busy :sweat_smile: and thanks for everything. :hugs:

and please let me ask another question to you. When I upload an image to my project I can see it. I parented to the camera. Sapphire, text, and image perfectly travel together. But I can’t render it. It disappears when I render it. :thinking: Could you please help me with that?