Text inflating help

I need some help with a bit of work, I have been trying to inflate text but they all seem to deflate. I have messed around with pressure and other things and now some of it inflates and some doesn’t. Does anyone know why it’s doing this?

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Hard to say without your cloth settings :slight_smile: can you share those please?

Hey Joseph, these are my cloth settings:

Maybe inverted normals on the H ?? (Top right: Overlays → Face Orientation and then everthing is blue?)


If you don’t need a bunch of wrinkles, just select all in edit mode and hit Alt S.

This is what happened when I did that.

Ah. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well with some geometries.

what should be ticket?

This is Edit mode… tab to Object Mode… (then pre last entry in menu…)

Oh sorry, that’s it in object mode :slight_smile:

Almost there…

Oh, yeah the “H” is red, do you know how this happened and how to fix it?

Edit Mode > Mesh Menu > Normals > Flip

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